"Moow Records" is a Brazilian record company, founded in 2018.

"Moow Records" aims to launch and leverage small and medium artists.


Founded in July 2018 by music producer Weslei Feitoza, Moow Records completes its first year in 2019, already with a significant number of singles, two EP. and an album.

In the beginning, Label released only electronic music, a few months after its official release, started to launch other musical genres, such as sertanejo and rap.

To make it easier for listeners, Moow Records founded Moow Records Brasil to release the songs in Portuguese (Brazil); soon after, he also founded the Moow Records Group to license and manage copyrights for the entire Gupo.


  • Foundation: 2018
  • Owner: Weslei Feitoza
  • Genres: Dance, Electronic, Electro Pop, Big Rom House, House, Electro House, Deep House,
  • Country: Brasil
  • Location: Santo Anastácio
  • Official page: www.moowrecords.com